Whistler\s Western
  •  Whistler's Western

When the railroad-building craze hit the US in the 1830s, the political and commercial interests in Boston sought to access the vast market potential in the burgeoning west. A rail charter was granted to build a line west from Boston to the New York line. The first leg to Worcester, the Boston and Worcester, was rapidly completed. The rest of the line, was built by the Western Railroad of Massachusetts, through the Berkshire Hills. It, was surveyed, designed and constructed by a talented civil engineer, George Washington Whistler- yes, he was "Whistlers Father". His route was graded for double track right from the beginning. His marvelous stone arch viaducts, known today as "Whistlers Arches", between Chester and Middlefield. We follow the B and A through New York Central and into the days of Conrail. One hour, maps, accurate sound and narration.

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Whistler's Western

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