Wheels a-Rolling
  •  Wheels a-Rolling

In 1948 and 1949, the railroad industry combined to produce the Chicago Railroad Fair. As a part of the Fair, there was a twice-daily pageant based on the history of American transportation. Significant historic events were related with a railroad background. Hundreds of actors participated and many of these were steam powered! Whether actual or a reproduction of the original, many ancient locomotives paraded before the crowds. Stevensons "Rocket" the "Best Friend of Charleston", "John Bull", the "Atlantic" and the "Pioneer" all were represented. "Tom Thumb", "Lafayette", the "DeWitt Clinton", "William Mason" and the "Minnetonka" performed. The fastest steam engine, New York Centrals No. 999, the Lincoln Funeral Train, the Burlingtons "Pioneer Zephyr" and then "modern" diesels also participated.

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Wheels a-Rolling

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