•  Heislers, Shays and Other Teakettles

 'Off the mainline, you never know what you might find. Short lines, small locomotives, light rails and friendlier crews. Such were the three lines we visit here. The East Tennessee and Western North Carolinas standard gauge remnants still used two ex-Southern consolidations well into the 1960s and we catch them both in Johnson City, Tennessee at the service area. The Mississippian operated its 24 mile line between Avery and Fulton, Mississippi, with a pair of ex-Frisco consolidations. The Gainesville Midland operated two 41 mile lines out of Gainesville, Georgia, to Athens and Monroe. The line used a group of photogenic decapods. Great color and great pacing shots of the ancient 2-10-0s. Wherever there was timber to be harvested, there were tiny railroads to haul it. Among these were the Southwest Lumber Company at Flagstaff, Arizona, Rayonier in Washington State and the most-famed Westside Lumber.

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Heislers, Shays and Other Teakettles

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