More Chiefs of the Santa Fe
  •  More Chiefs of the Santa Fe

Famed in song and legend, the Atchisan, Topeka and Santa Fe is a great railroad. Although now merged with the Burlington Northern, our video brings back the Santa Fe of long ago! We\'ve heard that film on Santa Fe steam is somewhat rare. "Chiefs..." features the steam-diesel transition era in Cajon Pass and Sullivans Curve. Mikados, 4-8-4s and 2-10-2s smoke it up with Santa Fes great passenger fleet, either alone or as helpers on the point with the 1st generation diesels. The program starts with a black and white documentary produced by the railroad to promote the "Super Chief". From Chicago to LA, we experience all the amenities of this great train! From the various sleeping car types, to the lounges and diners and the luxury service, experience life on "the train of the stars". Experience the four seasons at Raton Pass through Colorado and New Mexico. First and second generation diesels parade through Raton, Starkville, Trinidad, around Wootton Curve and through Raton Tunnel. Cabs in the red "Warbonnet" paint, passenger cowl units along with a variety of blue and yellow "Geeps". See the Valley Flyer in color, and the passenger trains into Oakland.

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More Chiefs of the Santa Fe

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