•  Before the Wires Came Down - The Springfield Terminal RR

Where in New England would you look to find an interurban trolley line that interchanged with a major steam road, crossed a state line on a toll bridge, hauled freight behind steeplecab freight motors and served several large industries in a small city? The Springfield Terminal Railway ran eight miles between Springfield, VT to Charlestown, NH, where it interchanged passengers and freight with the Boston and Maine. This video takes us back to 1956, when ST owner, the B&M, decided to dieselize the little line. They sent in one of their bright young managers, who was also a railfan and recognized the historical significance in the traction equipment being made surplus. He notified several traction museums of the opportunity to obtain and preserve some of these cars. The Connecticut Electric Railway Association and its president, Karl Hartman, quickly availed itself of the offer by purchasing line car number 8, plow number 12 and former combine car number 16. Before the cars came to Connecticut, Karl rode his new equipment. A GE 44 tonner replaced the electrics.

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Before the Wires Came Down - The Springfield Terminal RR

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