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A&R Systems, Inc., D/B/A A&R Productions, is the part time endeaver of two long time friends who turned their railfanning interests into a business (we still like to railfan!). Steve is the "President", Phil is the "other officer"- the organization chart is easy when you're small! Actually, the chart is complicated, except that the same two names appear in all the boxes. When you open a shipment from us, Steve is the guy who wrapped it. The video inside was duplicated and boxed by Phil. Steve picks up your order at the post office, prepares your invoice and deposits your payment. When you phone us (evenings are best, even weekends) between 6 and 10 PM eastern, you get to speak to Phil, who answers your questions or takes your order. Steve keeps the books, pays the bills and maintains the data base that contains your names. Phil is the guy who pleads with you to let us license your railfan film or video for our productions. Steve spends long hours coming up with a deal for you and preparing a mailing. Phil mans the studio, editing the video and audio into programs. We both aim to please you in terms the quality and appeal of our programs and service and we'll work together to make any wrong, right! If you attend New England trainshows, you'll meet us both (plus our heir-apparent, Steve's son, Shawn). If you have any questions or suggestions, write, phone, FAX or E-mail us at trainvideo@aandr.necoxmail.com. Thanks to all our customers for your continued support. 

Best Regards,
Steve Bransfield and Phil Johnson 

PS: There is a free video to the first person who guesses what the "A" and the "R" stand for!